June Trading Contest Kick Off: Anything Goes!

Image: AP Photo/Ted S. Warren


Welcome, welcome fellow survivors! Strap on your helmets, fasten your seatbelts and get ready for a wild ride because today is the first official day of Wall Street Survivor’s June trading contest featuring, Stocks, Options, AND Cryptocurrency. 

Yes, you read that correctly. In this summer’s ultimate combo contest ANYTHING GOES. Mix and match as you please because there truly are no limits to what you can trade, how you can trade it, or how big your returns can get!

This is our first contest ever featuring stocks, options, and cryptos, so help us make it historic by signing up and making your first trade today!

Oh and, in case that isn’t incentive enough, this month our prizes are $500, $250, and $50 in Amazon gift cards for our top three winners.

(Refer to the above featured image of Jeff Bezos clapping. He likes the sound of that).

The month is gonna fly by, but as always, I’ll be here to help out along the way. So, for the start of the contest, let’s get a picture of the past month in our financial markets.


It’s been a bit of a rocky month for the stock market. Most would point to new steel tariffs, failed meetings with North Korea, and raised international tensions as the cause of clear market uncertainty. BUT, the last few weeks have looked promising. So catch the rising wave while you can, OR short the next crash. Anything goes, remember?

Here’s a snapshot.

Dow Jones Industrial Average (May 11-June 11)

Image: Yahoo Finance
Image: Yahoo Finance

S&P 500 (May 11-June 11)

Image: Yahoo Finance
Image: Yahoo Finance 


Yikes! The crypto market definitely hasn’t been able to catch a break this month. But, you can’t keep a good man down right? Well…we’re hoping. A lot of hacks and regulation scares, the typical culprits of rising fear in the crypto market, have made major news stories this past month. But thankfully with our platform, you won’t have to worry about any of that.

Bitcoin (May 11-June 11)

Image: Yahoo Finance
Image: Yahoo Finance

Ethereum (May 11-June 11)

Image: Yahoo Finance
Image: Yahoo Finance

So be bold and fearless because there are limitless stocks to be traded, options to strike, and cryptocurrencies to emerge. The contest ends July 6th so sign up and build your anything goes portfolio today! As always, keep an eye on our blog for more updates and fresh content coming soon.


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