How to earn money from reading news in Android mobile in telugu

How to earn money from reading news in Android mobile

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Refer friends

Referring friends is the easiest way to earn coins with NewsDog.

Post your referral link to Facebook, WhatsApp to invite more and earn more coins.

How to earn coins by inviting friends?

Your friend gets 25 coins by reading 1 article and you will get 2 times of what your friend gets from reading for seven days since your friends’ sign up.

Friend invitation challenge.

You can earn maximum of 2500 coins from each friend with friends invitation challenge between June 5th and July 31th. Coins will be credited to your account every time your friend reads more than 3 articles per day for 7 days.

You will get extra 30rs bonus for the first four friends you invited to NewsDog. 15rs for first invitation and 5rs each for the rest three invitations. 

You will be awarded with extra 2500 coins when you make every 10th successful invitation.

Don’t worry if you missed the start date of the campaign, you can still earn a lot of coins each time your friend reads 3 articles or more by July 31th.

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