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Apply for This Job and Get Paid to Watch TV (Seriously)

Get paid to watch TV.

No, seriously.

Video service has posted a job that pays $2,000 — including $500 upfront — to watch 100 hours of TV this fall.

And you can watch whenever and wherever you want.

But don’t start planning that “Game of Thrones” binge session just yet — you’ll have to distribute your viewing hours across the seven streaming platforms you’ll get for free during your employment.

The company is specifically seeking a social media influencer with knowledge of TV streaming platforms, including the ability to analyze picture quality, load times and buffering, according to spokesperson Cosette Jarrett, who responded via email.

The job requires you to rate each service’s quality using a score sheet, and you‘ll need to share your experience on social media. Which means you’ll have to own up to watching “90 Day Fiance” — again.

And while the company specifically mentions there’s no drug test involved, it does want a motivated self-starter with an attention to detail. So maybe you should put off that “Adventure Time” marathon.

Applications are due by midnight on Oct. 4 and the company will announce the job recipient by Oct. 11, according to Jarrett.

The start date is flexible, but you need to finish watching by Nov. 1.

Ready to start your screen, er, dream job? Fill out the application here — bonus points for including a YouTube video.

Tiffany Wendeln Connors is a staff writer at The Penny Hoarder. Editorial Assistant Adam Hardy contributed to this article.

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