15 Reasons Why I Love Uber Eats And Use It Every Week

Uber Eats

I love Uber Eats. I’ve used it 43 times so far this year to order food (probably a few more by the time you’re reading this).

Maybe it’s because I’m a millennial, or maybe because I have kids, or maybe I hate to cook, or maybe I didn’t do any grocery shopping.

No matter the reason, Uber Eats is such a convenient and surprisingly affordable way to get good food, all the time.

This article is sponsored by Uber Eats, but when they approached me to talk about it – how could I refuse?!? I use them multiple times per week and love it.

Let me share with you 15 reasons why I use Uber Eats, and why I love it.

Want to jump right in? Sign up for Uber Eats here and see what’s available in your area.

1. Dinner Is Ready When We’re Ready

The absolute best aspect about Uber Eats is that you can order anytime, and get food delivered within about 30 minutes (my best time is 18 minutes, and worst times are usually about 45-50 minutes).

With a little thinking, you can use this to your advantage to have dinner (or breakfast or lunch) ready whenever you’re ready.

For dinner, we’ve loaded the kids up in the car at the park, ordered our food to be delivered, drove home, and our food arrives just a few minutes after we get home. Perfect timing!

Having a lazy morning and don’t want to make breakfast for the kids? Order something in bed, and by the time everybody is up, you can have breakfast delivered (yes, it’s that awesome).

2. No More Arguing About What To Eat

Any parent with multiple kids knows the struggle about arguing over what to eat. One kid wants a turkey sandwich, the other wants a quesadilla. You don’t want either of those things… so you end up making 3 meals OR having a Battle Royale about food choices.

With Uber Eats, you can each pick out your own dinner option from the same restaurant. This has pretty much eliminated the battles about what to eat.

3. Perfect For Last Minute Options

When you grocery shop, it also typically means planning. You either have to prep something, defrost something, cook something, or all of the above.

If you just need something last minute, you can pull out your phone and order. So easy!

4. So Many Choices

I love the variety of food choices that are available on Uber Eats in my area. It used to be that the only thing you ever got delivered was pizza. That just isn’t the case anymore.

A quick glance through my app and I have the following choices of food:

  • Mexican
  • Italian
  • American (Burgers and Wings)
  • Greek
  • Breakfast (Bagels and Donuts)
  • Deli (Sandwiches)
  • Mediterranean
  • Himalayan
  • Sushi
  • Chinese
  • BBQ
  • Middle Eastern
  • Desserts (Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt)

The bottom line is there is pretty much something for everyone. Just remember, selection does vary depending on location and timing. Even in our area, some restaurants don’t open until after 4pm.

5. Send Food To Others

This has come in handy for me several times – the ability to order food and have it sent to others. With UberEats, you can type in the address you want the food delivered – and it doesn’t have to be your own!

In the “old days”, if someone had a death in the family, or was recovering from surgery, or just had a baby, you would bake them something or bring a meal over.

Now, you can order something fresh or hot and have it delivered when it’s convenient. You can even let them pick something if you’re chatting with them. Such a better option than brining over lasagna that they might not even want (and now have to wash the dish you brought over so they don’t feel silly giving it back dirty).

6. No Stress About Grocery Shopping

Any parent has been there – you’re running low on food, but you really don’t want to go to the grocery store. The thought of loading your kids into the car, getting them out, doing all your shopping (and praying for no meltdowns), and loading them back up just to get home… yikes.

If you’re running low on food, with Uber Eats, you can just order your next meal and grocery shop later!

7. Lunch With Grandparents

Another handy solution I’ve used Uber Eats for is taking the family over to my grandparents house. They love to see their grandkids, but coordinating meals was always a challenge. They are very traditional and always want to “entertain” us by having food – but it was hard on them.

Now, when we go over, we simply order sandwiches, and everyone is happy! Uber Eats can deliver food right to their house, and so it’s still a traditional meal, without the stress of preparing a bunch of food.

8. Perfect For Impromptu Parties

We love our neighborhood, and it’s known for having driveway hangouts and backyard get togethers. The kids basically run to each others’ houses, and the parents sit and chat.

It used to be there was always a time to go home because everyone had to eat dinner. Now, there’s no damper on the party – someone just pulls out there phone and we can order Uber Eats for everyone, and have it delivered to who’s ever house we’re at.

It’s so easy, doesn’t’ stress or burden anyone, and the kids can play into the night.

9. It’s The Complete Package

Another great aspect of ordering with Uber Eats is that it’s the complete package. Beyond the food, you get the plates/tray, utensils, napkins, condiments – everything you need for the meal.

So, if you’re at home, you don’t have to worry about the dishes, or if you’re out and about, you don’t have to worry about having something to eat on!

10. Get Food Where Ever You Are

Most people think about ordering food when they’re at home, but you can get food delivered with Uber Eats where ever you are! Are you wanting to have a picnic but don’t want to prepare any food – have some sandwiches delivered to the park.

Are you spending the day at the community pool? Have lunch or dinner delivered to you there! If there’s an address, you can have food delivered to you!

If Uber Eats is available in your city, and you’re within 30 minutes of a restaurant that’s on Uber Eats, you can likely get your food delivered to you.

11. Don’t Have To Juggle Kids And Cooking

One of the biggest challenges with cooking when you have young kids is they always want to “help”. Or, if they aren’t trying to “help”, they’re probably getting themselves into trouble somewhere.

Before kids, what might have taken you 5-10 minutes to cook, suddenly takes 30 minutes because of interruptions, trying to do things one handed, or simply because you can’t focus!

Ordering is easy. It’s pretty stress free. And you can do it one handed!

12. Lots Of Healthy Options

One of the big drawbacks of take out and delivery in the past was the lack of healthy options. It was always pizza, Chinese, or other unhealthy food choices.

However, I’m always pleasantly surprised by the availability of healthy food on Uber Eats. Several restaurants in my area focus on healthy food, while others at least have some healthy options.

Sometimes you just want a big salad with chicken or salmon, and you can get that on Uber Eats. I love that I can eat on the run, no prepping, and still be healthy.

13. Restaurant Food Without Taking Your Kids To A Restaurant

Even if you cook at home a lot, sometimes you really do crave that item from a restaurant. Even if you make the “best” whatever, there’s something about having someone else make your food.

In fact, a study by Carnegie Mellon confirms that having food prepared by others makes it taste better.

But, taking your kids to your favorite restaurant can be daunting. Sometimes it’s a great meal, other times it’s a battle.

Just ordering your favorite food on Uber Eats can solve that for you – just have it delivered and enjoy it at home!

14. Cashless

Another ease factor that is so helpful is the fact that everything is done in the app. You can add your card, order, and even tip, all from the app.

I hated ordering take out in the past and having to call a restaurant, and read your card over the phone. Then, when the driver would come to the door, they’d have you sign the credit slip. So old school.

Now, just handle all of your transaction in one simple place.

15. Always Adding New Restaurants

Finally, Uber Eats is always adding new restaurants. A few times a month I’m seeing new choices pop up in my app, which is great! I love trying out new things, especially if it’s a place I’ve heard of but haven’t gone to yet.

Final Thoughts

As you can tell, I love Uber Eats. If you haven’t tried it before, I strongly encourage you to sign up and check it out. There are no subscriptions, you only pay when you order.

So, you can download the app today, and browse for what’s available in your area. If you like something, you can order it, and see exactly what it will cost you (price, taxes, booking fee). Only if everything looks right and you’re happy do you even have to place your order.

Check out Uber Eats here, and share your thoughts below!


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